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Vivement Marrakech!

Vivement Marrakech ! is a Moroccan registered company. Its purpose is to operate riads and guesthouses. 

Dar Layyina is a registerd Trademark owned by Vivement Marrakech !  

Officially recognized as a first class guesthouse by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.


SARL, Capital 4 000 000. 00 DHS

Registration n°57909

Trading licence: n°45193348

Fiscal identification: n°06528248

ICE: n° 000073925000091

Classement : N°42/2016 - 141/2012

Address: BP 2331, Al Barid Bank, Marrakech Principal, Marrakech, Maroc.

Legal representative: Catherine Woreczek

Professional multirisks insurance policy with Saham Assurances: n°0207080000058



Dar Layyina


Dar Layyina has the approval of the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior to operate as a first call guesthouse (n° 42/2016). The property have the approval since 2012 (under a different name).

Dar Layyina is a registered trademark of Vivement Marrakech! (ONPI). 




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Vivement Marrakech!

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